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Welcome to the Mediterranean Cyclone Centre!

We are one of the few and by far the most popular source on the Internet for Medicanes, subtropical and tropical cyclones forming in the Mediterranean Sea. We track and archive them, and issue advisories at our Twitter account. If you’d like to help us track, join our Discord, located below:

While the site is being finished, outlooks will be posted here.

Current outlook

Active Tropical Cyclones:
  • Mediterranean Sea:
    • Areas to watch for development: None
  • Black Sea:
    • Areas to watch for development: None
  • Caspian Sea:
    • Areas to watch for development: None
  • Northeast Atlantic:
    • Areas to watch for development: None
9 Aug 2021 | 1500 UTC | Outlook

1. An area of disturbed weather over the eastern Black Sea is projected to deepen into a low pressure area over the next couple of days. Conditions appear conducive for development, and a medistorm could form by the end of the week as this system remains generally stationary. Interests in the area should remain alert and consult their local weather bureaus for more information.

Chance of formation within 48 hours...LOW...0%
Chance of formation within 5 days...MEDIUM...50%


We formed a naming list in 2018, consisting of 96 names. There are four lists, which are continuous, and each have 24 names, using all letters of the English Alphabet minus U and W. These are the next 10 names. The most recent name to be used was Elaina, which lasted from 14-17 December 2020.

  • Falchion (unused)
  • Gloria (unused)
  • Helios (unused)
  • Isabella (unused)
  • Jon (unused)
  • Karissa (unused)
  • Luigi (unused)
  • Marquesa (unused)
  • Nikolai (unused)
  • Odessa (unused)


Staff Position
starfrost / starfrost013 Manager & Creator
TornadoGenius Social Media Manager
Giedriuswithnonlatinname, TornadoGenius, Rafail, Hypercane, RyanKnack Forecasters
Caleb, TheWeatherWill Graphics Team


Tracking medicanes since 2018!