Medistorm Scott

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Medistorm Scott was one of the strongest Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones (medicanes) to impact the country of Egypt, with winds of approximately 45 mph (75 km/h), as it sped through Lower Egypt. Scott caused 12 fatalities across Egypt, Israel, and Palestine, and caused unknown amounts of damage.

Medistorm Scott at peak intensity on October 25, 2019, impacting Lower Egypt

Meteorological history

On October 22, a cluster of rotating thunderstorms transitioned into a warm-core cyclone and moved into the extreme Eastern Mediterranean Sea, becoming Medistorm Scott. The system developed an eye-like feature from dry air intrusion on October 23, despite being only 30 mph. The system's slow movement and stalling caused heavy rainfall in Egypt and Cyprus over the course of October 22, causing 11 deaths in Cairo. On October 24, the system developed cyclonic banding, signifying tropical characteristics, and was upgraded to a severe medistorm with winds of 40 mph. On October 25, the storm began to turn to the southeast, bringing heavy rain and winds to already flooded areas of Egypt, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Burg Al Burullous. A state of emergency was declared in Gaza Strip ahead of the storm on the same day. Scott fluctuated between 40-45 mph in intensity, but remained 1004-1006 millibars in strength. Scott weakened some due to shear, but eventually fought against the shear, and strengthened into a 50 mph storm on October 26. At 10:00 am (local time) on October 26, Scott made landfall southeast of Port Said, Egypt, with winds of 45 mph. 1 death was reported in Gaza due to electrocution. Rainfall was recorded from 50-150 mm in Judea, Gaza, Israel, and Palestine, and trails closed due to the storm. A small storm surge was recorded in Haifa, and many places along the coasts saw waves up to 5 feet in height. During the evening of October 26, Scott dissipated over the Sinai Peninsula. Overall, the storm caused 12 deaths and an unknown amount of damage.


After causing many deaths and heavy damages in Israel, Palestine, and Egypt, the name Scott was retired. It will be replaced by Seth for future use.